Six Reasons To Eat Dragonfruit

Six Reasons To Eat Dragonfruit

Dragonfruit, also known as Pitaya or “The Honolulu Queen” is an exotic fruit typically grown in Southeast Asia. The color of dragon fruits insides varies in variety from white, to red, and even a deep magenta. It is sweet and some would say it tastes like a combination of a kiwi and a pear. Here are six reasons to eat dragonfruit.

why you should eat dragonfruit

Helps Prevent Cancer

Dragonfruit is rich in Vitamin C and betalains, potassium, and iron. Due to the high amount of vitamin C and betalains, it can hinder the growth of cancerous cells. Additionally, dragonfruit contains a surprising amount of phytonutrients which are also known for preventing cancerous cells. Dragonfruit contains Lycopene which is a naturally occurring chemical that gives fruits and vegetables a red color.  It is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. Lycopene is the focus of much recent research for its connection with anti-aging, cancer prevention, and UV skin protection.

Can Aid In Weight Loss

Dragonfruit can help with weight loss because it’s so nutrient-dense. There are only about 60 calories for every 100 grams of dragon fruit. Additionally, the seeds in dragonfruit contain fiber, and fiber can aid in weight loss. There is scientific evidence that shows that dietary fiber intake prevents obesity and helps to reduce body fat.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Regular consumption is linked to a reduction in blood sugar levels, which is helpful for type 2 diabetes and anyone with prediabetes. It is also rich in fiber which can stabilize blood sugar levels as well.


health benefits of dragonfruit

Contributes To A Healthy Heart

The number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease. It is also one of the most preventable through proper nutrition. Dragonfruit can curb heart disease due to its ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body. It is high in monosaturated fats which are helpful for the heart.

Makes You Look Younger

Hopefully it’s not new news to you that eating a healthy diet promotes a youthful appearance. Due to its high amount of antioxidants in Dragonfruit, it can help your skin become tight and young. You can even apply dragonfruit to your face in a topical mask by combining it with honey. Because it is high in vitamin B3 it can soothe sunburnt skin and provide instant relief from redness and inflammation.

Makes For Great Smoothies Or Additions To Salads

You can also chill or even grill Pitaya into various dishes to make a high quality and flavorful food option. There are many salad recipes and even smoothie recipes that include Dragonfruit. Generally, people do not eat the skin due to its bitter flavor, but some people will pickle the skin and eat it alone or incorporate it into a salad. So as you can see, this alien-like variety of cactus species also has excellent health benefits!

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Six Reasons To Eat Dragonfruit
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Six Reasons To Eat Dragonfruit
Dragonfruit can help with weight loss and it is known for preventing cancerous cells. Beyond that, here are six reasons to eat dragonfruit.
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