You Can Watch Sleeping Turtles In This Hidden Cave In Hawaii

You Can Watch Sleeping Turtles In This Hidden Cave In Hawaii

An experience like no

other in this colossal cave


The island of Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaian Islands. Also known as The Garden Isle, this tropical island is one of the most spectacular places to visit. You can only drive about 70% of the Island, giving it a bit of a mystery. On the North Side of the island lies the community of Princeville. It is here where you can discover a beautiful cave teeming with turtles that seems out of a fairy tale.

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Near Ali’i Kai Resort there is a trailhead off the Princeville cliffs that you can use to get down to the cave. The trail down to the water is unbelievably beautiful in itself. You will get to enjoy stunning views of the oceans edge while walking down this scenic trail. It does require some athleticicism since about halfway down the trail you have to use a rope where there is a steep decline, no higher than fifteen feet or so. Besides that, the trail to get down to the cave is not too difficult.


trail to turtle cove

When you finally get down to the the entrance of the cave the sheer size may overwhelm you. You may need to use a flashlight because the cave is fairly deep and does not offer much light. Within this mysterious cave you will get to see several turtles. Turtles like to pick secluded spots with a constant, acceptable temperature; in this case the cave serves as the perfect spot for their own airbnb turtle paradise. Some visitors have seen up to twenty turtles at a time while visiting the cave, and it would be a rarity not to see at least one at any given point in the day. turtle cove

If you’re feeling adventurous you can elect to go for a swim in the aqua blue waters at either part of the cave. Be sure to bring your goggles because there will be a good chance you can swim near by the turtles when you are there. Just be sure to be respectful of the environment and enjoy this natural wonder.

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