your tap water could be damaging your health

Your Tap Water Could Be Damaging Your Health

Your Tap Water Could Be Damaging Your Health


Even if your tap water is legally safe to drink, unfortunately that does not mean drinking it does not come with risks. When someone in America goes to get a nice glass of tap water, they don’t realize that in many cases, there is a significant amount of industrial or agricultural contaminants. These pollutants are linked to things such as; cancer, developmental defects, brain and nervous system damage, fertility problems, and hormonal disruption.




This is documented by an organization that devotes its time and resources to discover the truth behind water in America. The name of this organization is EWG, and its tap water database shows detailed information from nearly 50,000 public water utilities across the US. When I first learned of this disheartening news I was skeptical. But as the adage goes “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” Most of the nation’s drinking water supplies get approved by federal and state agencies, however they aren’t conscientious when it pertains to keeping the public safe from harm. In fact, according to the EWG “many of the 250-plus contaminants detected through water sampling and testing are at levels that are perfectly legal under the Safe Drinking Water Act or state regulations, but well above levels authoritative scientific studies have found to pose health risks.” To add insult to injury, the Environmental Protection Agency has not added a new contaminant to the list of regulated drinking water pollutants in more than 20 years.



But how important is water?

Some of the many functions that water serves for our bodies include things such as helping maintain the bodys internal temperature, flushing the bodys toxins, improving concentration and cognition, as well as;


– Absorbing and transporting nutrients to different parts of the body

– Lubricates joints

– Building material for the cells in the body

– Helping to create saliva which aids in digestion

– Helping to balance your mood and emotions

– Maintaining memory function

– Increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain

– Preventing and relieving headaches


The Bottom Line

 Ultimately it is not enough to drink water, you must drink clean water. Any contaminant in the water you drink becomes a contaminant inside you, disrupting both your structure and function.  Chemicals found in unfiltered water disrupt cell function everywhere throughout the body. You cannot perform well, or even think well, if you are constantly poisoning yourself with tap water. If you dehydrate yourself, the rest of your body suffers, including your cognition. Did you know that according to American College of Nutrition, 2% dehydration will dramatically impair performance tasks that require attention, psychomotor skills, and immediate memory skills? I cannot stress to you enough the importance of clean water in the body!


What to do?

So if your tap water could be damaging your health, luckily there are solutions. A home water filtration system can dramatically reduce the presence of many contaminants There are two different options below available from Amazon. With either of these options you will have access to clean and contaminant free water.





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